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Corey “Safetyman” Jones

27 YEARS In Law Enforcement 

Media Appearance and Marksmanship training


Fox Philly Appearance

Sergeant Corey "Safetyman" Jones

Corey "Safetyman" Jones

Corey Jones is a 25 year veteran of the Mount Laurel Police Department with over 15 of those years on the SWAT Team. During his tenure, he worked his way up to becoming one of the key commanders of the Burlington County regional SWAT Team. As acting Commander Corey was responsible for the resolution of numerous high-risk, critical incidents including:

*Hostage Rescue

*Barricaded Criminals

*Barricaded Suicidal Subjects

*Advanced Tactical Training for patrol officers from various agencies within the county

*Plan and led part of more than 20 search warrants without injury

Due to his exceptional performance on the SWAT Team, P.O. Jones was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where his mindset for training fellow officers began. As Sergeant, Corey conducted and supervised advanced and routine training, public information, community policing, was responsible for the supervision and safety of numerous of officers, the control of Internal Affairs investigation, quality control and was the active incident commander for critical events. Corey is still certified as an Incident Commander at the 400 level and a firearms instructor.

Corey retired in 2018 with the role of Sergeant and now is the owner and head instructor of Safetyman Consulting LLC. Safetyman offers several primary services which include:

*Instructing civilians, security guards and a wide array of law enforcement services how to properly deploy firearms, tasers and other less lethal devices to protect themselves and be in compliance with New Jersey Law.

*Active shooter prevention for businesses, school and places of worship

*Crisis Management training and recovery

*Verbal De-escalation and tactical communication training

Corey also regularly takes part in giving back to his community by conducting speaking engagements with youth on how they can survive an encounter with police while protecting both their lives and their rights. He also has an online Tv show on www.rntelevision.com called “The Corey Jones Show” Corey has a weekly podcast on Spotify called “Safetyman Podcast” where he provides safety and readiness information.

“My goal is to leverage my training and experience for your organization. I plan to deliver current industry standard content which is geared to build a culture or resilience and readiness in the face of unexpected adversity.